Monday, December 15, 2014

MamaWestWind SALE

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Friday, December 12, 2014

MamaWestWind Giveaway Winner!

I am very excited to announce the winner of the Snowflake Baby (by random number generator)  is... Daffodil Angel who said, "I particularly like Waldorf Snowflake Baby Necklace. I have Favorited you on Etsy (a while back now)"

Congratulations Daffodil Angel!   

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Monday, December 8, 2014

MamaWestWind, Holiday Giveaway!

I am having a giveaway! This time here at Chocolate Eyes. I'm giving away one of these sweet, Snow Baby Necklaces.  This necklace is fun to wear or just display over the nature table.  The little gnome baby can stay in his pouch or come out to play.  Or if the winner prefers I can shorten the string to make it an ornament. 

I am very excited to announce the winner of the Snowflake Baby (by random number generator)  is... Daffodil Angel who said, "I particularly like Waldorf Snowflake Baby Necklace. I have Favorited you on Etsy (a while back now)"

Congratulations Daffodil Angel!  
To enter this giveaway...
  • Go to my MamaWestWind etsy shop and tell me your favorite item OR something new you would like to see me make.  Don't forget to favorite MamaWestWind on etsy.
  • For a 2nd entry become a fan or tell me you are already a fan of my MamaWestWind facebook page.
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The winner must be a follower of this blog.  The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize by sending me their address or even an address of someone they wish to gift their necklace to.

I will end this giveaway Friday December 12, 2014 at 8 pm mountain standard time.

Let the game begin!  Until next time...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday, GIVEAWAY!

I'm holding a giveaway at my MamaWestWind facebook page, 

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Visit them all at MamaWestWind.  Until next time...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Winds of Change...

Well friends the winds of change have blown through here.  Lately, I've had to do a few things I never expected or wanted to do.

My husband and I are separated and I need to find a job.  After homeschooling for the last five years, I have put my littles in school.  This was a painful decision.  I felt like I was letting them down.  I felt like my world was shattering and everything I knew to be true was coming undone.  But we have been blessed with a great school, wonderful teachers and an amazing, welcoming spirit.

One of my very best friends works at the school where I enrolled the kids. She has been like a second mother to my boys. My son Owen just happened to be placed in her class.  I didn't request this, though hoped and prayed for it.  My son Michael was placed right across the hall with a really fun teacher, who is perfect for his personality & needs.  They both are having so much fun in school.  They enjoy it and are making friends and learning well.  I'm so thankful for this smooth transition.

Please send prayers our way.  We still have a lot of challenges up ahead. I don't know what this will mean for my little blog.  It has been very quiet here and perhaps will be for awhile.  I would love to share my MamaWestWind creations here though and I hope you will enjoy seeing them.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oh October...

Oh October, my favorite month., it's just the prettiest month in New Mexico.  In October it finally begins to get cooler and the plants are full grown and happy after the warm summer rainy season.  Our tomatoes are finally turning red after spending most of the summer green. While we were visiting family in NY the garden exploded into a tangled mess of tomato vines & flowers, mixed with a pumpkin vine or two.  I've been planting morning glories the past two years in honor of my Grandma who passed on.  They are just beautiful, the colors are so varied and truly glorious!

Right now my family is going through a really hard time, my husband and I are separated & it looks like divorce is unavoidable.  I am so sad and grieving for our loss, yet my beautiful garden reminds me of all God's promises.  My garden reminds me, "Be still, and know that I am God".  The God that creates this beauty and wonder, miracles in their own right, will heal our broken hearts and show us the way.

Before we left for New York Owen was super excited to plant this giant pumpkin.  I'm not sure if we'll see giant pumpkins before the first freeze.  We shall see.  We've harvested lots of sugar pie pumpkins though.  I can't wait to process them and get them in the freezer for all things pumpkin; stew, pie, breads and muffins. I've processed and frozen zucchini too for our yummy zucchini chocolate cake.

Our tepee was supposed to be peas & beans last Spring, it didn't really take off until I planted pink morning glories & butternut squash.  Now it's just gorgeous, creating a little hideaway for the boys.

I've also been harvesting lots of basil, making my favorite pesto and freezing it.  Pesto is one of my favorite flavors, so comforting.

If you think of us, friends, send out a prayer or two for us.  Until next time...

Friday, September 12, 2014



While visiting family this summer, my Dad planned a camp out.  Me, my brothers and all our kids spent two days and a night hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.  Above is my Dad's cabin.  He took two small sheds and connected them.  You wouldn't beleive how nice it looks inside.  There's a wood stove, small shower, little kitchenette and full size bed.  It's partly powered by solar and is so comfy inside. Everything is impeccably tidy and well made.  After I saw my Dad's cabin I called my husband and told him, "My Dad is living my dream!  He has a tiny house!"  If you're familiar with the tiny house movement you know what I mean!

Yes, I even have to show the outhouse!  Inside it was perfectly clean.  He's thought everything out.  It's odorless and composts naturally.  The toilet paper is housed inside coffee cans so no spider webs and I imagine it keeps it from getting damp as well.  He has even painted a moon and star on the door.  A work of outhouse art, me thinks!

My brother brought his camper and a tent for us.  Throughout the night our airbed slowly lost air, so I really got the camping experience; rocks poking into my back, sleeping under the stars and a little afraid of bears coming to visit! 

My nephew sang us a campfire song on his "Geetar".

My brother and Dad sitting around the campfire.  In the morning my brother & sister in law showed us the art of Dutch oven cooking.  They made us all want to learn. 

The cousins played in the woods the entire second day, we had a hard time getting them to take a break to eat lunch! It was a good time, with lots of sweet memories made.

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fresh Eyes...

We are back from our blissful stay in New York!  It was rainy and cool quite a bit during our month-long stay which was perfect weather for us sun worn, Southwest transplants. I won't say it was a vacation because there was much running around trying to see everyone, but it was really fun.

It's amazing how much your perspective can change through the years.  When I was a teen in New York it was the place to leave.  Even though I loved my family, I wanted to set off on my own and see the world a bit.  I haven't really seen the world yet but I have lived in a couple different areas of the country.  I've seen a bit and hopefully more to come.

What seemed a little dead about New York was my old, dead thinking.  It was what propelled me off to new and exciting places.  I wanted to learn and see and grow.  Now, when I go back home to New York it's alive with a whole new world of life I never noticed before. From the weather, to the wild animals, maple trees, wild flowers grape vines, Lake Erie and it's beaches, the Amish and their beautiful, simple life, it's all alive with excitement.  I see it with fresh eyes. 

It doesn't hurt that I have my little boys now and get to see it through their eyes.  Can you see the hummingbird in the picture above?  I just had to see a Ruby-throated Hummingbird after being able to so closely observe our Black-chinned mama bird here.  And yes, I remember seeing Ruby-throated hummingbirds when I was a child, but did I care then?  Not so much, no. 

My sister in law, niece, Mom & I had a great time looking around Amish country & shops.

Amish haystacks.  Note boys walking up the road, far in the distance. 

These are the scenes outdside of a beautiful, Amish toystore.

A little Amish boy we had fun watching.  He had been enjoying a horse swing inside.


An Amish, one-room schoolhouse and boys and girls outhouses.

My brother & sis in law live right in the heart of Amish country.  This is a typical scene outside their front door.


One of the many beautiful, Amish gardens we saw.  Most of them boast a row of beautiful flowers around the outside edges.

I brought back a few items!  An Amish cookbook, rug for my kitchen, clove scented heating pad, a cedar ornament for the closet, toaster tongs, a couple of cards drawn by an Amish boy, a lucet and my favorite, peach jam.  What's not featured here? The chocolates from the Candy Shop.  Yah, that was gone by picture time.

If you like images of Amish countryside, check out my sis in law's brand new etsy shop, SLPPhotographs.  This photo is one of hers.  

Until next time...